Monday, May 23, 2005

Artist Scott Woodard

You have to see the brilliant Art of fellow blogger Scott Woodard. It is incredible!


At May 23, 2005, Blogger contratimes said...

Dear Jane King,

Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your kind comment. Thanks also for reminding me of the importance of giving. It should indeed flow out of me with abundance; instead, I too often cling to my gifts.

And thanks for the reference to Scott Woodward's work. It is indeed engaging and noteworthy.


Bill Gnade

At May 23, 2005, Blogger Scott W said...

Wow! Thanks, Jane! Just a side note, my last name is Woodard, not Woodward. This is a common mistake, and I am sure that at one point one of my anscestors dropped the second 'W'. Glad you enjoyed my gallery, check back as I will be posting more soon.


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