Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hope in Thailand

(CBS) "Under the watchful eye of Scott Carter, who gave up his job as a mechanical engineer in South Carolina to come to Thailand, they are doing nothing less than rebuilding lives. As CBS News Correspondent Barry Petersen reports, they're doing it one fishing boat at a time."

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At July 12, 2005, Anonymous Sedda K said...

I've worked with Scott on his boatbuilding project on Cape Pakarang. It's a great effort, and they could use money for boats. It costs about $3,000+ to build a boat from scratch in that area, but the boat (with the fisherman) allows an entire family to thrive on the living earned from it. The price of lumber has probably tripled since January, due to the demand. There is some government assistance available if the boat owner can produce the title from the boat he lost (like a piece of paper will survive that?)-- but even that only amounts to $650 if he gets the full amount. For a laborer that may make $5/day as a top wage -- and that's good money -- replacing what's lost can be a heartbreakingly slow process.

This boatbuilding project is a really important project to the people of Phang Nga province.

For more information please see, where a lot of the labor comes from, and Tsunami Boat Project, out of Colorado, which is funding boats and helped fund the boatyard construction, which provides shelter from heat and rain.

If you contact them, please tell them that former volunteer Sedda sent you.

The Peace Corps also has a number of Crisis Corps volunteers (returned PC members) in the Nam Kem/Kura Buri area just north of Khao Lak. They likely will know of projects that need assistance as well.


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