Saturday, August 20, 2005

Women's Giving Circles Change Philanthropy

The Minnesota Women's Press reports on Giving Circles and the changing face of Women's Philanthropy.

The Giving Blog has been posting on the growing Philanthropic Trend of Giving Circles. See August 9, 2005, July 18, 2005, May 27, 2005, May 21, 2005, May 20, 2005, May 19, 2005, May 18,2005 May 17, 2005, May 15, 2005 and February 17,2005.


At August 21, 2005, Anonymous Phil Anthropoid said...

It's smart for community and other public foundations to get hep to the giving circle jive. More than the money they pool and distribute, organizations can use them to develop meaningful long-term relationships with these donors. Don't know if giving cirles are a growing trend (are they being shut down as quickly as they're being created?), but I'm glad they're getting more press.


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