Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Sam said...
Hi, Jane. Great blog idea!How appropos that I come here right now. I just contacted our local AIDS service organization (Triad Health Project) to volunteer to help prepare Thanksgiving meals that will be delivered to their clients. Just before coming here, I sent an email to my partner and a friend, asking if they want to help, too.Ya know, there are a lot of us that will go to family or friends' homes to eat Thanksgiving meals, but we won't be involved in the preparation. Why not volunteer to help prepare a meal at a local kitchen/shelter that morning and then go enjoy Thanksgiving at your family or friends' home?The thought of doing this did not occur to me until I was simply asked in a monthly email from THP. Most people will at least consider helping, but they often need to be asked to even become aware of the the need and their ability to help.Take care, Jane!


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